On July 7th, 2000, my family and I left behind Duparquet, our small hometown to move to La Sarre, another small town half an hour drive north-west of Duparquet in Abitibi-Ouest. The family home was rented to nuns for over a decade, but they eventually moved out to go finish their old days at the nunnery. They left traces around the house, mostly religious symbols that remained on the walls. My mother likes to believe that the house was blessed by their presence.

In July 2017, I went back there for the first time in over ten years. The house was empty and I could picture us seventeen years earlier around the table. As I was walking around with my camera in hands, every picture I was taking brought back stories, anecdotes and details of my childhood. Even though I was only five years old at the time we moved out, a ton of memories were coming back to the surface, the place was exactly as I remembered it. It seemed like the time has stopped and as if in this house, nothing has aged nor changed since we moved. The house was to be rent again soon, I felt an impressment to capture this memorable place of my childhood that I cherish.

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